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July 14, 2004


Gerard E.

Reports say Da Coach stormed out of a meeting with GOP leaders. Royally p-o'd that LibEstablishment Media types had sniffed it out and were waiting for great Ditkaesque quotes. If it happens....will have huge national aftershocks in a Battleground (fancy word for Many Catholic Residents') State. The football fan in me cringes at what could emerge from his pie hole- in the campaign and beyond. Then I recall- What they said about The Gipper in public office. Or Ahnuld. Or Jesse Ventura- well, maybe not Jesse. Politics, like many other fields, is one that shouldn't be left solely in the hands of experts. Even if football coaches have had serious problems making their Surrogate Father image work in the hugger-mugger of politics (former Oklahoma coach Bud Wilkinson's fortunes in a campaign quickly went pffft.) Don't want to hear The American People Are Tired of The Same Old Politics. If they were, no incumbent would be safe. Meanwhile, welcome Coach and stay away from Tribune reporters.


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