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July 01, 2004


Gerard E.

As he does, more often than not, Rush nailed the phenomenon yesterday. Proclaiming that for the Libs and the Democratic party, the Wellstone Memorial never stopped. Meaning- the October 2002 tribute to the Lib Minnesota senator killed in a plane crash with his wife and daughter. Turned into a screaming romping pep rally for The Lib Cause. Revolting and disgraceful to those not of that religious belief. Meant that his ballot replacement, former VP turned empty suit Fritz Mondale, got skrunched on Election Day by GOP candidate Norm Coleman. Don't forget kids- on the second weekend of release for the Michael Moore Screed- held on 4th of July weekend, and with Spidey 2 already snagging $40M with its web shooter. And fewer choir members for whom to preach. (By the way, the old scumbag did look pretty decent in the court docket yesterday. Nice suit- something from Baghdad Bill's Men's Emporium and Rumor Mill, no doubt.)

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