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February 27, 2004


Gerard E.

1. Charity in all things. And throw the book on the perps while we're at it.

2. Most of the blame pinned on Our Venerable Bishops. Big shock.

3. Most reported offenses took place between- wonder of wonders- 1965 and 1982. As one whose formal religious education took place largely during that period, it is a wonder that any practicing Catholics come from that era.

4. Michael Rose covered sufficient ground in Goodbye Good Men. We know how it happened. We now know how to deal with it.

5. It is an absolutely unprecedented report. No other religious denomination has even remotely dealt with the horror in quite this way. Probably as accurate as we will ever get. Even if it echoes for years to come.

6. Justified my long-held belief that this is The Age of The Laity. Vatican II clearly calls for the laity to assume roles of leadership. Looks like we'll have to hold the bishops' feet to the fire to clean house. Or keep our lawyers on speed dial.

7. And it really doesn't matter. The judges, trial lawyers, prosecutors, and reporters are making the rules in these affairs. Like George Weigel wrote- if God chooses to use the Boston Globe in housecleaning, that's His business.

8. Holy cow- what a month. Beginning with the Janet Jackson Super Bowl Kerfuffle and ending with this report's release. And so much in between. Like the release of TPOTC. Imagine what March will bring.

Meg Quinn

Well, of course Rose got it right. And all the thanks he got for it two years ago . . .

Imagine what March will bring.
Ugh. Don't go there, girlfriend! ;^)

Y'know, I don't believe in election by the laity or anything like that, but I shore do think that the bishops must be more accountable than they have been in recent years . . . and if they won't be accountable to us laymen, well, then, they can be accountable to the Globe, prosecutors, trial lawyers, etc. I'm not afraid of the Church being "poor", because as long as there are faithful then there will always be some sort of a Church. We have Jesus' word on that. What I do fear, a bit, is "CEO bishops" out of control. Maybe we're seeing the end of that. Fewer Egans, more O'Malleys (and I mean Egan as perceived, not necessarily as is - I'm still not sure about him).

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