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February 26, 2004


Gerard E.

Some get it- like Pastor Graham. Our own Esteemed and Venerable Bishops have been issuing press releases about how we must be careful and all that sort as though their flock are a bunch of dumb children who need to be protected. When the movie earned $24 million. On Wednesday alone. And check prediction by two industry insiders on NRO-
that after Monday, a lot of very smart people in Hollywood- after getting over their post-Oscar party hangovers, of course- will wonder why they didn't make movies for a very large segment of the population for so many years. Meaning- the people in Flyover Country/Red-State/Silent Majority (term cooked up by the old crook Spiro Agnew) America. And those sharpies who figure it out will reap the rewards. Just like Mel. Who may have broken the monopoly of the traditional distribution cartel- Warner, Fox, Universal, Paramount, etc. Forever and ever. Amen.

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