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February 13, 2004


Gerard E.

Craziest thing. Phila. Inquirer and Daily News in same building, same owner. Inky is stogy old REEEALLY boring LibEstablishment Paper- except when longtime lesbian (no gossip- been out of closet 20 years) TV critic Gail Shister swoons over The L Word or other stuff. Or when Stephen A. Smith, angry brother on sports page, goes off about black athletes who disrespect black coaches (hours later, 76ers fire 1st-year black coach following mutiny by black players. Coincidence?) Daily News is wild/crazy/wacky tabloid. With new commitment to gossip, full-color page 1, graphics off the hook, legendary sports section. Full page on Kerry and Jumpoff (wonderful term by radio host Wendy Williams- synonym for "paramour.") Zilch in Inky. Hey, not even my NY Post has anything on Kerry and Jumpoff. What gives, Mr. Murdoch- former owner of Boston Herald, Chief Kerry Tormentor? Similar treatment in most LibEstablishment Media outlets. Shhh- sounds like calm before storm. Or The Race To Be Second On The Story. (That Drudge....nothing but a gossipmonger.....)

Gerard E.


1. DN just as liberal as Inky. Just wackier about

2. Kerry and Jumpoff story buried on p. 8.

3. Still nothing about it on KYW Newsradio- all news all the time. Owned by Infinity, same as your KRLD, MQ. Went to Enormous Urban U. or worked at teevee station in same building with many of its current staff members. Lib as lib gets. Always felt G.E. became the equivalent of many seminary grads of GoGo60s who ultimately preached heresy and all condoms all the time. Feel like Heretic in 1st Holy Church of Journalism (first commandment- Thou shalt not speak ill of LibDemoEstablishment Figures.)

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