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June 25, 2004


Gerard E.

A confession- I LUUUUV gossip columns. My formative years were spent with the Philly Daily News- my delicate young psyche formed by crime writing, political scandal, the chronicles of really bad Phillies teams in the GoGo60s- and the Broadway columns of Earl Wilson and Dorothy Kilgallen. At age 5, I could talk about who was starring on Broadway. Who was performing at the Copacabana. Who was seen dining at 21 or Sardi's. Who said something at Toots Shor's that made all the other drunks laugh through their whiskey. I would also argue that the New York Post's Page Six is the single most important column in American newspapers, the moral core of America's greatest daily paper. Tells us more about the times than the Times. So Mr. Ryan got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Republicans have messier sex scandals than Demos, anyway. True to form, that's all.



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