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April 30, 2004


Gerard E.

What Hath Kerry Wrought- a front-burner issue that many involved- Nancy Pelosi, Jim McGreevey, etc.- thought was settled 20 years ago. Perhaps one cannot keep these rigid separations between personal and political beliefs. A nice way of saying....perhaps it really isn't a good idea to whore oneself out to the Death Party (one of the better expressions of Markus Sheavus I, nearly as great as the one, applicable here- Sin Makes You Stupid.) Bishop Galante accurately read the current aspirations of The Faithful- That Our Shepherds Act Like Shepherds. We only hope that about two hundred miles down the turnpike, the heavily nuanced Cardinal McCarrick takes note. Not a good time for nuance. McGreevey agreed and avoided the installation ceremony. A public confrontation is likely before November 2- somewhere, somehow. Gosh, this is fun.

There seems to be a new story coming out of New Jersey every day, and it is keeping us busy on Catholic Kerry Watch.

If you could send me your e-mail address, Meg, I would like to write you offline about our apostolate. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Victor din




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