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March 19, 2004


Gerard E.

Don't see much difference between the Bahraini Islamists and our aggravated scribblers. For the benefit of the scribblers, let's go over a brief checklist of the past 367 days. Saddam- in cold storage. Uday & Qusay- pushing up dandelions. Iranian and NorKor expansion efforts for nuclear weaponry- slowed down. Khaddafy of Libya- please, come into my country, inspect what you want, welcome, welcome. On Saddam's Alleged Payroll- Kofi Annan, His Oil-For-Food Director, Jacques
Chirac, other international celebrities.
The Putative Democratic Candidate for President- say JFK, what were you and some of your NamVets discussing at that November 1971 meeting, reports KC Star? Using your military training for.....target practices....of civilians? In Iraq itself- a legislature, a currency, utilities working better than ever, schools back in
session. And no more papershredders eating dissidents, rape rooms, and the like. Looks like progress to me.
. Noo

Gerard E.

Sorry- Noo got slightly out of hand. An affirmative yes.

Meg Quinn

Well, that's all nice about Iraq, G, but what about the WMD, hmmmm??? What about the WMD??? (Feigned indignance)

I thought at the time that the WMD was the worst justification for the war and that if it was the only way to get others to go along with us, then we ought to go it alone. Sure the Iraqis would understand why we were there, even if over-sophisticated Westerners didn't. Why doesn't the White House take my advice? They'd do so much better if they did! ;^)

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