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March 24, 2004


Gerard E.

1. Berger's testimony seems to be at variance with that of Madeline Albright yesterday- which was, essentially, we thought noble thoughts so think kindly of us in your history books. Maybe Berger is talking straight because, in his new job as high-priced security consultant, he praises the Bush policy on terrorism to his clients.

2. For laffs, check out a bombshell document on Fox News' website- the transcript of a background briefing by Richard Clarke to reporters in August 2002, while still the White House counterterrorism coordinator. Only Fox's own Jim Angle is identified as a reporter in this briefing- whose transcript was cleared by the White House today. Devistating stuff- to the issues in Clarke's own book. The highlight of the transcript-

Angle: What was the problem? Why was it so difficult for the Clinton administration to make decisions on these issues?

Clarke: Because they were tough issues......

And so on. Also, Clarke makes a reference to "Andrea" in one answer. Mayhap NBC newsgal Andrea Mitchell? What did Andi know and when did she know it? Inquiring minds want to know......

Gerard E.

Of course, I'm old enough to remember Ms. Mitchell when she covered City Hall for our All Snooze radio station. And how she was the equivalent of a yapping Yorki to then-Mayor Frank Rizzo- amusing one day, annoying the next. Have years of being respectable in D.C. slowed your yapping, Ms. Mitchell? Not on holiday with Mr. Greenspan that particular day?

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