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March 23, 2004


Gerard E.

You betcha we're happy, MQ. Good Bishop Galante comes home to Metro City With All Its Works/Pomps. As previously explained, brother Bill is administrator for RC high school in Bucks County, PA- formerly taught at CDHS, of which G.E. is proud alum (1200 in grad class, at least 12 ordained to priesthood.) Back to the Good Bishop- comes to a diocese with extreme variables-affluent suburbs, the dangers of inner-city Camden, many little small towns, the fleshpots of Atlantic City. Will be easy to find decent gravy around there (that's good Italian tomato sauce for the unpolished.) And--- he's 65. Nice place to spend final years after long service, much of it at the Vatican (with now-Cardinal Rigali?) Also- if you see our man Rod The Mod Dreher and the editors of his paper haven't pulled him, head-first, from the newsroom ceiling after his fit of anger, give him this theory: No, he couldn't dislodge Grahmann. But the Vatican, in its wisdom, is giving him enough rope to hang himself. And make him find some unexpected health problem to pack it in. So that you get some most fitting replacement like Good Archbishop Chaput- that is, if he's not ticketed for Hollywood and Mahony's imminent demise. Meanwhile- looking forward to meeting Good Bishop Galante's hand at the Confirmation of my brilliant and talented Godson, 7-year-old Marc. Welcome and ad multos annos and all that stuff (stone illiterate in Latin- English difficult enough.)

Gerard E.

Postscript- would just like to shake the Good Bishop's hand at Marc's Confirmation. Nothing unseemly or scandalous, mind you.

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